There was a girl named Ngozi. She was the only child of her parents and was very pretty and hardworking girl. Unfortunately, Ngozi’s mother died when she was 9 years old and her father married another wife.

Initially, Ngozi’s step mum was very nice but soon made Ngozi see hell on earth. She maltreated Ngozi and forced her to hawk food on the streets. Ngozi’s father was manipulated by his new wife and this gave her step mum an opportunity to have complete control over the house and her life.

Ngozi got better at selling as the months went by. She had a customer named Emeka who would always buy her wares. One day, as Ngozi went to sell her wares, Emeka touched her breasts and gave her some money. She was very happy. A few weeks later, Ngozi had a bad sales day. Nobody was patronizing her and she got scared that her stepmother would beat her. She went to Emeka and he asked her to sleep with her. Ngozi was torn. She had to choose between her stepmothers flogging and Emeka’s offer.

She chose to have sex with Emeka instead and lost her virginity that day. A few months later, Ngozi got pregnant and ran away from home. Emeka received her into his home and took care of her.

The day Ngozi fell delivered her child was the day she died. She had been in labor was 2 days. The doctor declared her and her baby dead due to complications.

The sad news got to  her parents and her stepmother deeply regretted ever making her hawk on the streets.