Wearing lipstick gives the lips a sweeter look… only when they are perfectly worn. For lipstick to be as beautiful as it is designed to be, it has to be worn with on a fitting skin tone… Else, one just ends up looking like a masquerade.

There are over a million shades of lipstick, but it is important to note that one doesn’t just buy a lipstick because it looks beautiful, you need to first check how well it will fit you. See below a few tips that can help tell which lipstick best fits you.



The first thing to check before buying any lipstick is the shape of your lip. There are some general rules that apply to certain lip shapes like darker colours makes the lips look smaller, while brighter colours makes the lips appear bigger.

Decide on if you want a smaller lip or bigger lip before buying.


Photocredit: Allure.com

If you are fair in complexion, it usually means choosing lighter shades of lipstick like nudes, pinks or light browns. However, for times when you want to rock a dark lipstick shade, it’s totally allowed because you will look amazing in it. But generally speaking, nudes and beiges usually work well to brighten up a fair complexion.

Photocredit: momtastic.com

For medium skin tones, you allowed to have quite a number of colours, like browns, red, fuschias and peaches. It fits well and enhances your beauty.

Photocredit: Youqueen.com

Dark complexion goes better with dark shade lipsticks, like dark red. They make your lips look gorgeous. However, these ladies can also rock nudes and lighter colors instead of the recommended reds, but should totally avoid orange.

You don’t need to look awful because of your lipstick. Know that not all lipsticks were meant for you, then, be sure to get a colour that fits and give your lips and face the beauty they deserve.